Sunday, November 8, 2009

Los Angeles Florist Puts a Smile on Your Face

It is so great to see someone’s face light up when you give them flowers. Flowers generally give people a big smile. Delivering flowers is great way to let that special person know how much they mean to you.
As a Los Angeles florist we deliver flowers for all occasions and the best reward is the smile that flowers put on everyone’s face.

Glendale Florists Needs the Los Angeles Flower Market

Glendale florists use Los Angeles flower market for their flower needs. Los Angeles flower market is a center where all local growers and importers wholesale their flowers. The floral market is changing.

Some of the retailers deal directly with the farms, and some of the growers who deal with large retailers do not even bother bringing their products to the market. Some of the Glendale flowers arrive from many parts of the world. It is cheaper to get flowers from Holland then it is from Santa Clara California.

The Glendale flower customers are educated and they know how fresh the flowers are, where they were grown and how they were cared for. No retailer can afford to clean feed and care for flowers like Glendale florists do. So the deference is, how long would you like to enjoy your flowers, a day or the whole week.

The Big Squeeze For Los Angeles Florists

Los Angeles florists are being squeezed from all directions. Retailers are getting into the flower business. Although they are not truly florists, they do drive the prices up and drive down the quality.

Flower delivery in California is a very important part for floral business but the way these retailers look at flower business is very different. It’s all a numbers game. Los Angeles flowers are available year round, the retailers buy them directly from the growers, thus driving up the prices of the flowers.

However they buy flowers that are inferior to those that a customer can find in any local flower shop. There are lots of retailers and wholesalers in Los Angeles basin that are in flower business today. Costco, Vons, Ralphs and now small mom and pop shops are jumping into floral business. However, the consumer knows where to get quality flowers.

Also flower delivery in Los Angeles is not an easy task. None of these retailers can get fresh quality flowers to the customer’s homes and businesses. And Los Angeles florists know how to win this game.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Los Angeles Flowers

Southern California's weather is the envy of the world!

Nowhere else in the country do you have as many chooses as you do when looking for a

Los Angeles is the Mecca of the flower industry. Flowers in Los Angeles can be growen year around which has the rest of the country calling and ordering fresh flowers.

The suburbs of Los Angeles are crowed with lots of great local flower shops with beautiful year around flowers. Cities like Glendale, Burbank and Pasadena California are just some of the great little cities that deliver fresh flowers across the U.S.

Lots of people would compare Los Angeles flowers to the fine Italian leather shops you would find in Florence Italy.